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Vitaliy Mashchenko
Painting nature, I’d love to share my mood, to put my energy into my piece of art and to receive energy back from people, who find something congenial in my paintings. I hope, it is more than aestheticism.

It took me a long time to start painting again. I can’t say for sure what was that trigger – may be it was my wish to switch off and get away from reality. I started painting for myself and I did it the way I liked it. In sometime I felt I needed to share my works with people and see their response. I am happy when I see that my works make people happy or appease them, or maybe give something to the viewer or somehow help.

I am not sure what kind of technique I really use. I apply brushes only at the beginning, my principal tool is a palette-knife. But anyway it is painting in oil on canvas.


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flitart Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016
Very cleverly written! Thank you very much! This will be an ornament for my site! I wish you great success in the literary field.
an-idealist Featured By Owner Edited Oct 9, 2016  Professional Filmographer
This review is not mention to offend anyone, this review is from my personal opinion taste and knowledge. 
First of all let me congratulate you on the amazing job done.

I looked at all your paintings very carefully before making this review for you, it was an amazing experience.
I have to say as that expressionism is my favorite genre of paint and my favorite tool is the palette-knife. So i had to take apart the love i have for this kind of art and try to give an objective review of you as an artist.
The first thing i noticed is your originality its not common to see a painter use two techniques so elegantly, on a not so easy genre of art where you have to express the feeling of the subject but keeping it as true as possible to the nature or subject.

I have to split your technique apart because of the two different tools you use, but nevertheless they blend so well in one dance of colors.

Your brushes are very delicate just enough to show the smoothness of the sky or clouds.
However you take your time to not just show how delicate or smooth are things but you love everything you see, everything your eyes catches.

The Spatula (palette-knife) so sharp so strong and different form the brushes is like an other side of you a strong side a sharp side, it's like after loving your painting, after giving your heart to it you just take your knife and start sadistically hitting the canvas so precisely you give another life to it, your life.
If I have to rate your work I cannot find the perfect scale because is so different and personal i could not find another one like it.


I can write more and more about you as a painter or your art, but i think it's enough i want others to enjoy your work and have the journey i had admiring your work.

I hope you keep up the good work and create more and more masterpieces. 

As I said in the beginning of this review this is not intended to offend the artist or anyone else.

Gold-Angel Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice gallery👍☕
Deluxellus Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
very nice work, i enjoy the color and composition alot :)
diosrubra Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2016
hi welcome to our group :) let me know if you need anything 
shortstuff66 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2016
Hello flitart,

I have really enjoyed looking at all your beautiful paintings. I wanted to drop in and thank you for accepting our invitation and to Welcome you to Inspiring Creation. We hope you enjoy being a member and look forward to seeing you at the group :)

ShortStuff6 co-founder
SaphireDragon16 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello flitart,

I thought I would just pass by to say welcome to the group Inspiring Creations, I hope you enjoy the group. Your paintings look amazing, I look forward to seeing more of your artwork. =)

notmor Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
happy birthday :)
shadowsheep887 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday! :happybounce: :cake:
milenkadelic Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Bitrhday! :sun:
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